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Tourist at Acajutla port

Updated in 1 April 2021

If you travel to San Salvador the HEALTH TRAVEL REGULATIONS TO EL SALVADOR 2021:

  • Passengers may enter the country if they can prove that they have been duly vaccinated against COVID-19, that is to say that they have completed the application of one or two doses, depending on the vaccine used.
  • Travelers who present a negative molecular test result (PCR, NAAT, LAMP) for COVID-19, which has been issued no more than 72 hours before entering the country, may also enter the country. For the document to be valid, it must include the following information: name and surname of the passenger, date on which the test was performed, name of the responsible person who performed the test and specify that the result is negative.
  • The above requirements do not apply to children under 2 years of age.

Check more information about measures in Migration El Salvador.Passengers  carrying  a diplomatic passport are exempt from submitting  the test

USA & CANADA visitors must pay $ 12 upon arrival as tourist card