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These are the upcoming events that will take place in El Salvador in the months of March and April, which you can enjoy with family, friends, and even with your partner. If you are interested in attending any of them, we can organize a tour for you that includes the event of your choice. In the following table, you can see the names and dates of the various upcoming events:

The best city tour of San SalvadorEl mudo de Mario en Volcatenango

Here, the celebration of the birthday of one of the most important movie and video game sagas in the lives of those who grew up with these games, such as Mario 98, Mario Kart, among others,
will take place. You’ll get to see your favorite characters from the saga. Don’t miss it!
11 – 17 de Marzo
Sunset Climb Puerta del DiabloChicago el musical – Teatro nacional

“The Story is a comedy-satire featuring 6 cases of criminal
women turned into stars during the 1920s in the city of
Chicago. Its protagonist, Roxie Hart, a dancer and housewife, kills her lover when he wants to leave her.
14 – 16 de Marzo
The best city tour of San SalvadorConcentración Toyota

The Toyota Gathering 2024 is
coming! We’re going to enjoy a great drifting show by Ryan Tuerck and Toyotas from Costa Rica, Nicaragua,
Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, as well as visitors
from various countries who will join us for a great Toyota
party. Let’s ReventarElJabalí. We are LocoToyota.
16 – 17 de Marzo
The best city tour of San SalvadorYSY A

YSY A in El Salvador! Get ready to live an unforgettable experience with the presence of the outstanding artist YSY A at the Marte Museum. This March 20, 2024. YSY A, known for his talent and energy on stage, promises a night full of rhythm, good music, and unforgettable moments. The Marte Museum, with its unique atmosphere, will provide the perfect backdrop for this show that you won’t want to miss.
20 de Marzo
The best city tour of San SalvadorSabino

Sabino, the Hip-Hop artist, is presenting his musical repertoire of hits in El Salvador. You have an appointment now, don’t wait any longer, and get your tickets – you can’t miss it!
22 de Marzo
Sunset Climb Puerta del DiabloCIFCOMIC

A unique experience of action and fun for the whole family, where enthusiasts of various cultures of comics, superheroes, anime, pop culture, and cinema will enjoy like children in our different themed spaces.
27 – 31 de Marzo
Sunset Climb Puerta del DiabloGira Refrescante PEPSI 2024

Counting the days for The Refreshing Tour. @manuelturizo sends us a special greeting to remind you that on the next March 27th, you can’t miss the best summer festival.
27 de Marzo
The best city tour of San SalvadorDread Mar I

One of the biggest references in Spanish-language reggae, the singer Dread Mar I, will be in concert in El Salvador. Don’t miss it!
12 de Abril
The best city tour of San SalvadorMana: México lindo y querido

With the international tour “Beautiful and Beloved Mexico 2024 Tour,” the Latin band, Maná, will bring their greatest hits to Latin America, including El Salvador.
25 de Abril
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