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Have you ever wondered how you can travel to our beautiful country, El Salvador? Here, we provide you with some airline suggestions so that you can be encouraged to come and discover our country, marveling at the wonderful places this small Central American nation has to offer. We also provide a table for you to know which airline from your country travels to El Salvador.


Avianca is a Salvadoran company that has been operating flights under that brand since 2013. It was founded by Lowell Yerex in 1931. The airline is one of the most recognized and famous worldwide. The main headquarters are located in the city of San Salvador and were established as the definitive headquarters in 1945. Over the years, this airline has demonstrated seriousness, responsibility, safety, and comfort in both direct and layover flights.


Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España S.A., based in Madrid, is a Spanish airline that has managed to maintain itself over time as one of the best in terms of the service provided to users in both Europe and America. This company has been operating for the longest time globally, remaining one of the most sought-after and selected options for its performance.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a prominent North American airline with an excellent reputation. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, United States. Currently, it is one of the most comprehensive and efficient flight companies, covering a significant number of flights between America, Europe, and Asia, which gives it a preferential position when choosing a travel companion.

American Airlines

American Airlines operates a fleet of 612 aircraft and is the international airline with the most connections to El Salvador in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. The airline facilitates passenger transfers between Latin America and the United States, primarily offering promotional packages with ticket discounts according to seasons. It is a very reliable company that provides excellent service.

Spirit Airlines

If the budget is not very high and making several layovers before reaching the destination is acceptable, then Spirit Airlines is a suitable choice. This American company is headquartered in Florida and started flights from El Salvador to Fort Lauderdale in 2011. It has become the most affordable option in El Salvador in terms of ticket cost and the opportunity to travel comfortably between Miami and El Salvador and vice versa.

United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the preferred and well-established airlines in El Salvador. It provides an excellent opportunity to travel from Canada or the United States to the Salvadoran country. In addition to offering first-class service, United Airlines has flights to over 200 countries or destinations in its flight plan.

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is a Panamanian company that operates flights to El Salvador. This significant airline began with the project of connecting Central America, South America, North America, and the rest of the world. From the beautiful city of Panama, one can take a direct trip to El Salvador with the best attention and competitive prices.


Aeroméxico is an important airline in El Salvador, offering the option to connect with many places worldwide, including East Asia and the American continent. Its headquarters are in Mexico, and it provides an easy journey from this country to El Salvador and connections to the rest of the world.


Volaris has a significant reach and importance in the Salvadoran country. It is an airline known for providing the perfect combination: excellent service at a low cost. Through this flight company, Mexico becomes closer to El Salvador and all of Central America. This airline operates under the flag of El Salvador, meaning it employs Salvadoran personnel, both in administrative tasks and as part of the crew.

Interjet Airlines

Interjet Airlines is a Mexican airline that started flights to El Salvador in December 2018. The service it offers is of the highest quality. Currently, it has expanded its route to Latin America, with a clear goal of expansion starting from the Central American country.

Air Canada

The important and prosperous airline Air Canada deepens its flight alliance in El Salvador through the signing of an agreement. This ambitious treaty will further incentivize tourism and consequently promote the development of commercial relations between the two nations. With this, we conclude our list of airlines in El Salvador. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to leave them in our comments section.


  • Delta Airlines
  • America Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Aeroméxico Connect
  • Air Transar
  • Arajet
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Copa Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Tropic
  • Iberia
  • Spirit Airlines
  • TAG Airlines
  • Volaris
  • Air Belize
  • Avianca
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Qatar Airways
  • Air France

Para viajar a El Salvador mediante transporte terrestre podrás viajar en las siguientes líneas de autobuses:



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