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tourist tasting rum in El Salvador

The original Rum Tour in El Salvador 2021

The original rum tour in El Salvador Enjoys the flavors of this unique rum distillery you will visit one of the mos diversified sugar mills, with almost a century of mastering sugarcane. All of their rums are handcrafted in the Cihuatán Valley, El Salvador. This allows them to control the entire productive chain, starting from the sugarcane seed, distilling, aging, blending and bottling. Gabriela Ayala, their Master Blender, passionately watches over our barrels and is constantly inspired by our Mayan heritage to create charming and unique spirits. The tour includes a free gift.

On this tour, you will have the chance to taste over4 steps in the process and 3 different rums. Operation : Thursday only departs 9 am

This tour is for clients over 21 years

The original Rum Tour in El Salvador 2021 price per person

One person $ 90

Two person $ 60

Three or more $ 50

OPTIONAL EXTENSION visit to SUCHITOTO aditional $ 30 per booking

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